These are common plot devices in Korean dramas, so if someone threatens them just K-drama curse them! Feel free to add to this list.

- Amnesia
- Car Accident
- Sudden inclination toward suicide
- Find out your spouse/significant other has cheated.
- Your whole family dies.
- Instant orphan
- A sudden break up in an engagement
- A sudden declaration of divorce
- Being told you’re destined to fall in love with your enemy/ contracted to marry them.
- Stuck as housekeeper to a total butt to pay off a debt.
- Find out that you’re adopted.
- Find out that the guys you thought were cute turned out fat and ugly (reference to a banjun).
- Contract a horrible terminal disease.
- Go blind. (Yeah KISS MV)
- Find out that you’re the Love Rival and never get a date again.

From Yayit:
- leukemia
- your friend will personally hit you with her car
- your stepbrother will love you

From Ysetiawa:
- a prince/heir of multi-million dollar company falls in love with
you, and the rest of the people are trying to break you up, end up
with everyone finding their own peace
- 2 handsome guys, sometimes both wealthy/related, fight over you
- cats & dogs, started hating each other, then fall in love
- mostly just simply poor unfortunate non-feminine girl get rich
handsome guy