(In order to win main girl/ guy)

Note: Don’t take this seriously.

This mainly works for comedic dramas set in the present, and does not work for Historical dramas. Melodramatic dramas it sometimes works for. I’ve watched about 30+ K-dramas. This won’t work for J-dramas, or C-dramas, only K-dramas.

Invariably though in the beginning of the drama they st it up so you know right away who is with whom. Take this for fun!

Disclaimer: Some of the dramas might seem to not conform to this list/ theory. I do not guarentee they do.

Plus Side
Main Trumps: (In order)
1. Marriage
2. Names in Title
3. Produce a child
4. Light Pink Shirt Trump. (See Pink Shirt Theory)
5. Sleeping with the guy before Marriage. (New Trump)

Strong Trumps:
- Practically Married
- Being a jerk that “reforms”
- Obligatory teary airport scene with BG music.
- Frustrating (to viewer) passing shots.
- Meeting first on screen
- Meeting in childhood first/ triggering childhood memory where _both_ parties fell for each other. (Trumps the previous) Has to be ON SCREEN, not just mentioned.

Medium Trumps:
- Going to the Beach (with sand)
- Doing something for the or about the other’s family (not with money).
- Main Romance Theme BG.
- Were together in a previous life
- Sleeping in the same bed (By accident doesn’t work)
- Walking together in the rain under umbrella after meeting at the bus stop.
- Doing laundry together.
- Cooking together alone (rival must not be there.)
- Cinderella Effect 1: anything to do with returning a shoe, or putting one on.)
- Cinderella Effect 2: Rich guy for poor girl.
- Piggy backing a girl home (extra points if the rival sees)
- Taking a guy home drunk and he “confesses” a darker past.
- Guy listening to girl’s troubles and trying to fix them (without throwing money directly at it).
- Girl listening to guy’s troubles. (fixing the troubles is trivial)

Small Trumps:
- Man doing Laundry for Girl.
- Cooking Favorite Dish. (Buying it doesn’t matter.)
- Man only: Cooking for the girl even if it fails.
- Woman only: Makeover
- Dressing the sig. other
- Flowers (of the right kind and color)
- Domescity (Taking care of children, etc.)
- Color coordinated clothes
- Long night out on the town
- Walking together under an umbrella in the rain.
- Meeting a sig other at a bus stop to take them home (and meeting them, cancels if they miss them.)
- Flirt fighting.
- Cinderella Effect 3: Female being compared to Cinderella.
- Men Only: Puts up with loud head-strong girl.
- Main girl wears mainly pink makeup.
- Seeing each other semi-naked after “romantic” relationship is established.

Minus Points

- Forcing sig other to like them.
- Men: Girlish looks
- Being put into “Best” friend category.
- “Younger” brother/ sister look.
- Being nice always.
- Dressing up fancy all the time with red lip stick.
- Guy is younger than the girl.
- Fixing problems with money (directly).

(either plus or minus)

- Dates
- Getting engaged early in the drama
- Being married once and divorcing or near to divorcing
- Guy is much older than the girl. (10 years is not unusual)
- Divorcing off-screen