This mainly works for men, not women. Pink in general is disproportionately in K-dramas and shows up only in a number of ways. Here are the stages of the Pink Shirt Theory.

1. First pink shirt means, “I’m going to fall for her.”
2. If the girl gives light pink to the guy that means they will end up with each other, or at least vie for each other.
3. Repeated pink shirts means that the guy is in love if the rival hasn’t shown up.
4. If the rival shows up with the girl, and the other guy is wearing a pink shirt, it means jealousy.

Pink, as Bright Girl’s Success Story put it is a color of love. The more the guy wears light pink voluntarily (darker pink being secondary), the more likely he’ll win the girl. Wearing light pink first sometimes, but not always helps.

Pink on a girl in makeup or clothes always means she’s the hero of the story. If she suddenly wears a lot of pink, that means she is falling or just about to fall for the main guy.

Patterned Pink, and lavender take second ranking ot pink. Purple isn’t as strong as pink. However, no real explanation for this has been given within the scope of K-dramas.

In Wedding the Pink Princess wins automatically! As soon as she buys that pink tie you know she’ll win the guy! So remember, light pink is a trump color and is even stronger if the wearer does it doof their own free will!