Title: 옥션 하우스 / Auction House
Type: Drama
Genre: drama with a little romance. Slice of Life.
Yoon So Yi as Cha Yun Soo
Jung Chan as Oh Yoon Jae
Kim Hye Ri as Min Soo Rin
Jung Sang Woon as Na Do Young
Lee Yoo Jung as Jung Na Kyung
Ok Ji Young as Yoo Min Young
Park Seung Tae as No Kyung Ja
Choi Jong Won as Huh Myung Hwan
Yoon Joo Sang as Son Chul Man
Basic Plot Summary: Cha Yun Soo wants to work for an auction house. Although she doesn’t have an art degree she is hired by Will Auction on her enthusiasm alone. As the drama progresses she learns about her and the other employees as they struggle to get auctions together and make profit.
Very little hormone factor. Jung Chan might pique some ladies’ interests, but there isn’t much to sway people.
Popularity: There was very little popularity for this drama.
Music: The music sucks–it doesn’t really fit the style of what the writers were actually trying for. The music reads like a melodrama, however, this drama is more like a WAFF drama (Warm and Fuzzy Feelings drama) with a slice of life, I think that orchestral pieces and an occasional upbeat song might fit it well… something even in the Jazz range.
Acting: The acting’s strength comes basically from the actor’s ability to work together. I don’t think that it was stellar to the point that one stood above the rest, but it’s solid enough that I don’t want to bang my head against the keyboard. They do enough to convey the characters they are given. I kind of like this understated acting for this type of drama.
Visuals: The main interest in the visuals is the art. The actual use of the camera is kind of shoddy and doesn’t fit the writing or the acting of the drama. However, the art and the art history is interesting to look at which holds the attention that’s needed.
Direction: I really didn’t like the direction. The camera angles were shoddy, the choice of music was shoddy, and the eye catch didn’t fit the drama at all. Overall, it was waaaay to heavy and took itself waaay too seriously for what should have been looked at as a slice of Life drama. However, since there aren’t many of these dramas, I don’t fault too much for this.
Story: I think the writing and the individual stories from episode to episode are what truly held the drama together. With the acting these two things made it interesting. Plus the episodic shift from one storyline to another and the experimentation was interesting.
The Good: Definitely the acting and the writing held this drama together and kept me going.
The Bad: The direction and the music were awful. However, I was able to ignore it and tried not to bang my head against the keyboard.

Why Watch it:
If you liked Hwang Jin Yi for the dance element and learning about Korean Dance, you might like this drama for the art and learning about things like wine and creativity creation. This is the basic thing that kept me strung along. Also it does have some innovative styles in story and basic formatting. If you can ignore bad direction and bad music, you may be able to watch this drama. It’s a good filler drama–the kind you watch while waiting between shows.
Things to Watch for:
- My favorite moment is near the end with Oh Yoon Jae and Yun Soo. Watch for the line when they get out of the Gallery and Yun Soo says Eh? It’s the closest point to payoff in the romance area.
- For those who are of age, also every time they mention something Japanese take a shot.
Overview: Good drama for filler purposes when you don’t want to make a commitment. Bad drama if you want to get hooked. Good acting and writing, bad directing and music. I’d recommend this drama.
Rating: 3.5 out of 5. General rating, 1 star.