Capital Scandal is one of those dramas I really, really want to like. I mean, I love historical dramas of the 30′s, especially war-torn countries and to me, it’s an important history lesson, but I think there is something about this drama that keeps me from watching it. It’s not the slap stick humor–I like Mel Brooks, thank you very much–and it’s not the music–I like swing and jazz. It’s probably something a touch more fundamental, that is the fatalistic nature of the show. In my eyes, Koreans never really gained their freedom from outside influences and in many ways this split the country.

I recognize good acting, good directing, good set work, good costumes, etc. However, I think for me, what really gets to me, is facing the occupation of Korea in relation to my own childhood. Growing up in the US as a Korean American and being labeled as a Japanese stereotype, I think what’s my real problem with this drama is that I’m really flinching at the general oppression.

So I’d say, I’d recommend this drama, but for me, it really drives a nail into an old wound. And maybe this is why it wasn’t so popular in Korea too. Not enough distance and time from the occupation.