Go Ah Ra’s acting is a weak point for me. It’s mostly screaming. It doesn’t have that undercurrent I like. I don’t feel depth from the acting. When she’s acting happy in the first two episodes, I don’t feel that subtlety of frustration or grief from her which I really want to connect to her character.

Yoon Kye Sang and Kang Nam Gil are the highlights. Yoon Kye Sang’s acting has gotten better, but he’s still playing much younger characters. His impressions of Kang Nam Gil are kind of funny, like he’d been doing it before this drama. Kang Nam Gil has also lost a lot of weight.

Things to watch for
- the number of days used per episode.

So far Episode 1 = 0

Episode 2= 2

Key phrase to remember: 누구세요. Nuguseyo. “Who are you?”

General notes

So far, Skipping episode 1 won’t make you lose anything. If you’re DLing this won’t have you miss much. You just learn that Cha Seung Hyo is uptight, but that’s recapped in the second episode. They could have cut the first episode without losing anything.

This reminds me of a lot of K-movies that have been coming out lately. Such as Holy Daddy. There are others along this same line. This kind of story is hard to film and hard to act, which is why I am glad there are heavy weights in the critical roles. However, if Go Ara doesn’t pick up her end with at least some subtlety, this drama won’t be able to carry itself to the end evenly.

I’m so far wary of how adoption is going to play in. I’m also wary of Go Ara’s acting. Also I’m watching actual time used as in 3 hours versus what is portrayed.

Ranking so far: Filler drama.