I was asked to watch this for someone. Apparently my massive drama watching and opinions are of some use. Here’s what I have so far.

The premise is enough to carry you through the first few bumps in this drama. It is definitely a slow starter. It doesn’t warm up until about Episode 4, which is slower than most drama. It has some funny bits through episode 5 and six, however the plot is currently losing steam at seven. I see this as poor planning on the writer’s part. The charm of this drama (would have been) the children and how a gangster deal with it and changes with it. Like a human drama type, only injected with humor. Instead, the premise is stretched out fairly far. It’s a regurgitated apple that just won’t get swallowed already. Because the writer seems to not see what she could do with said drama premise, instead she injects things like a long lost father, the loss of a strong matriarch, an old love of the main character and other sub plots, which kind of detract from what this story is about.

Besides the weak plotting, the acting delivers fairly nicely. Kim Jae Won’s acting has enough variation from his other roles that there is a different sense to this character than previous and Han Ji Min holds up her end too. The acting has a nice subtlety to it where the actors don’t take themselves seriously, but do take the job serious enough to pull it off.

Overall, so far from about half way and my predictions this is one of those dramas, you’d put just above the filler dramas, but below the show stopper dramas. The kind of drama you watch when you’re bored, but want to be entertained, but not the kind you watch when you want to lose sleep for 24 hours worrying how it will end.