1-3 is lag time. 4-13 is really good. 14-15 is lag again. 16 is a solid ending in an American style. So there are mild pacing problems. Full House developed more on the romance and humor side, this one developed more on the acting and the inter-personal issues. It’s also for an older audience so it doesn’t have so many “cute” moments like Full House, but more “romantic” moments. Beyond that, I don’t think it’s fair to compare these two dramas.

There are some melodrama tropes that are used in the drama which are unrealistic in many ways, such as a gullible wife as the husband is lazy and spending the money. The list of secrets being kept from characters and how those secrets are discovered.

For example: (Highlight to see)

- The husband is in debt and pushes it on the mother.
- The mother believes the husband no matter what.
- Hoon is really the main character’s son.
- Hiding a divorce from the family because of the shame involved.
- The distant mother.

These could annoy people, but I think if you look at the ajumma as the main character dealing with romance aspect as a piece of fresh air, and aren’t looking for laugh out loud as much, but more slow and charming, this could be your pace.

The acting and plot are solid. In terms of production values, this drama does not slip, even though the writing in places does lag, it still manages to hold interest even through the laggy parts.

This didn’t turn out to be laugh out loud funny or griping, but it does have a slow building plot which is part of its charm. Episodes 9-11 are particularly strong as they have centralized themes and plot points that execute the episodes very well and give them good flavor.

I would rate this: A good Interpersonal relationship romance drama for older women, or someone looking for something slow and building. I wouldn’t particularly go out of my way to recommend this drama, but if there was nothing else to watch, but you don’t need a filler drama, this could do the trick.