I’ve watched a lot of new dramas since 2009, but with Blogger being difficult and WordPress not quite catching up at the time, I didn’t have time to fix the problem.

So let’s resume where I left off before in reviewing dramas. If you also noticed I moved the website to Asian Fiction. Why? Because it was kind of lost on involuntaryart.com and this has better visibility. Plus this allows me to cross link to the other related material in a more centralized fashion.


List of Korean dramas watch 2010:


Yaksha– Bloody and something that I think people will watch if they like blood spurting. I think this would appeal to types like my brother who like spurting blood.


It’s OK Daddy’s Girl:

Ditch. It lagged.


Secret Garden: Great drama.


Mary Stayed Out All Night:

Strong acting with the worst writing ever. The writing never came together for what was a good cast.


King Geunchogo:

Still watching it. The subbing is steady, but slow.


Queen of Reversals:

I skimmed it.


Dae Mul:



My Girlfriend is a Gumiho: I really liked this drama, but felt it was a little weaker than YAB.


Mischievious Kiss: I skimmed. A whole lot of skimming. I’m still partial to the It Started with a Kiss version since it was a lot more true to the original.

Dong Yi: Great Historical drama, ranks only second to Dae Jang Geum.

King Suro: Sucked and bad.

Sungkyunkwan Scandal: Great drama, surprisingly good acting–not the best historical drama ever, however, it was entertaining, and just the right amount of fluff to keep one going. It was missing a good ending to match–the ending got too fanciful for my taste.

Joseon X-Files: Secret Investigation: I’ve tried it three times in a row and still I can’t get into it. The camera angles still leave me feeling sick. Maybe another time.

I am Legend: Ditched. First episode lagged for me and it didn’t get better–it seemed like an ajumma try at YAB,, but some of the best points they could hit on they entirely missed.

Gloria: Skipped.

Gumiho: Tale of a Foxchild: Skipped. I’m not fond of horror done Korean style in dramas because they always add extra fat on top, like melodrama, etc.

Baker King: Kim Tak Goo: When it turned melodrama in the first episode, I ditched it.

Coffee House: Ditched halfway through. Loved the actors, liked the production values, and the writing was clever, but it just fell off the horse somewhere.

Cinderella’s Sister: Ditched, to be fair, second episode. I could smell the melo in the first episode. Love the actors, not my type of drama.

Prosecutor Princess: Thoroughly entertaining and on the edge suspense without being overdone. I also cleaned subs for Viikii

Personal Taste: A contrasting flavor to Prosecutor Princess. Complete fluff and I loved it for that. Nice character development and progression.

Oh My Lady!: Ditch, ditch, skim… found I didn’t miss much.

The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry: Great and entertaining drama. My Ajumma drama pick of that year.

The Master of Study: Ditch, Ditch, Ditch, Skimmed… Meh. I am partial to the Japanese version.

Pasta: Great drama. Love the food theme and the acting really held this drama together.

Chuno: Ditch, ditch, skim. OMG, WTH is with sad endings to dramas about the lower class?

Jejungwon: Ditch, ditch, skim, ditch. I just hated the lead character more and more. I wasn’t sure if it was the acting (i.e. stuttering in many ways) or just the fact that I really found the main character somewhat unlikable no matter what he did. Also the lack of growth–despite liking Dae Jang Geum and Dong Yi which had similar formats, I couldn’t connect to this one.

2011 (so far)

Dream High: fluff with mediocre writing and very little depth–what you see is what you get. Some of the acting was wooden as well.

My Princess: Surprisingly not fluff and very layered, but so subtle to the Western audience that many missed the cues across the board. This was a drama to study, not just let wash over you. The subtle power plays and the chemistry was great. It made me want to reconsider City Hall, but really, I didn’t like City Hall.

The Thorn Birds: On my I hate it forever list. (for treatment of adoptees) My hatred for it is the same reasons why I like My Princess. My Princess had tact, but still went head-on into the issues of adoption without getting rude. While there were some weaknesses with the sister in My Princess, I believe that’s a lack of acting skill, where as here it’s a lack of understanding adoptees.

Royal Family: Ditch. First episode, when I realized it was a melo without any real heart to connect me.

The Duo: Been watching it on and off. I’m a little wary of the ending.

New Tales of the Gisaeng: Ditch, ditch, permanent ditch when I realized it was a melodrama. The trailer made it seem more light-hearted. Disappointed.

Paradise Ranch: Ditch, ditch, skim. Weak acting and writing.

Sign: Ditch. I hate politics–the melodramatic must add it here in my doctor dramas, which is why I tend not to like K-dramas with hospitals. I’m more in favor of the Japanese approach. (Concentrate on the case and the problem more than the politics. But Korean dramas foreground the politics and forget about the cases.)

Dramas I’m looking forward to: Woongchi and the Hong Sister drama in two months.