This year I would call, the Asian Drama gods, drew tiles to play Majong and then the K-drama gods put too many bets on the table and severely lost the game. (The Taiwanese table was too cautious and the Japanese drama Gods just played an even hand with what was safe). K-dramas lost too, and must have lost a few hands to the J-drama and TW-drama gods, because K-drama land lent out quite a few actors this year.

Or you can just call it Jekyll and Hyde if Jekyll is the tease and Hyde makes you want to hide. Not a great year in K-dramas, it was full of, Got ya! Oh no it now stinks!

49 Days- As soon as I smelled the Makjang I was gone.
A Thousand Days’ Promise- Makjang allergy was severe.
A Thousand Kisses- A thousand hives.
Baby-faced Beauty- I thought this was a solid old school K-drama and my favorite Noona drama of the year–solving 100% of my beefs with Noona dramas.
Big Heat- Didn’t watch it.
Birdie Buddy- Still waiting for Korea to get better at showing vocational dramas in a way that doesn’t make me feel like I’m watching a very bad sageuk.
Bolder By the Day- Didn’t watch it.
Brain-Makjang hell.
Bride of the Sun- No. Melodramas, no.
Can You Hear My Heart- No. Elew.
Can’t Live With Losing @ Can’t Lose- Got raped by the K-drama gods about halfway through. However, it held its own and made itself in its own way compared to the J-drama.
City Hunter- Crappy Hunter. No. Never liked the anime. Don’t like the drama.
Crime Squad- No.
Color of a Woman- Feel colorless about this one. Jae Hee Oppa~~ I loves you, but the writing is weak so far.
Dangerous WomanDidn’t watch.
Drama Special Didn’t catch it.
Dream HighMediocre acting, I watched it through only for one actor. By the end I was asking for an injection of better acting. Sheer fluff.
Dream of 400 Years Fast forward button. Why does reincarnation have to always be makjang?
Flower Boy Ramyeon Shop Fluff, extreme fluff. Not the type you think about two or three years, but stuff like cotton candy.
Fermentation Family Haven’t tried it yet.
Glory Jane @ Man of Honor Makjang allergy acted up as soon as the flashback started and I found out that more than half of it was set in a hospital.
God’s Quiz (Season 2) Skipped it.
Gye Baek Blech. I have enough of watching Three Kingdoms men with flimsy women. I need more women. Haven’t they learned yet with shows such as Dong Yi and Dae Jang Geum that women rock it better than men who are bent on fighting and doing nothing else? Why does A Tree with Deep roots rock? ’cause the stupid mindless fighting and getting revenge isn’t there.
Hair Show I was a no show for this one.
High Kick 3: The Revenge of the Short Legged Tried a few episodes late at night. Not bad if I liked family dramas. I like centralized storylines though. Story junkie here.
Hooray for Love I like the concept, the actress, but not the format… not a fan of long, long K-dramas.
I Believe in Love I didn’t believe in it enough to watch.
I Believed in Men Same as previous.
If Tomorrow Comes Makjang allergy
I Live in Cheongdam Dong Family drama.
Indomitable Daughters in Law No.
I Need Romance- Good drama. Solid and realistic in some of the depictions. I liked how the characters and how our understanding of them evolved over time.
Just Like Today Family drama.
Just You No.
King Gwanggaeto the Great Male Three Kingdoms drama.
Late Night Hospital I get hives around K-drama hospitals.
Lights and Shadows No.
Lie to Me I wish the bad writing was a lie. WTH was up with that. Waste of great actors.
Little Girl K Saw a little and quit.
Live in Style No.
Manny Was good and cute for the first half and then went to crap later on.
Me too, Flower Has a slow start up pitch so you have to wait until episode 4-5 for it to get to you and then it falls off into makjang and melodrama for the sake of it around episode 10-11, such that it kind of gives me nausea. Especially when I can feel the writer phoning it in and giving up. I know, my allergy to makjang is high. And the Psychology posted in the drama is questionable at best.
Midas Elew.
Miss AjummaNo.
Miss Ripley Makjang allergy. If Kim Rae Won gets a pass, Yoo Chun does too.
My Daughter The Flower No.
My Love By My Side No.
My Princess Second favorite drama of the year, best drama thusfar to portray adoption well. Though the K-drama gods pulled the old, “We are making you think one thing, and giving you another,” I wasn’t disappointed to find fluff was replaced by actual politics. I do admit that the almighty press conference was a little much, however, the acting, the subtle politics, the maneuvering put me over the edge with glee.
Myung Wol the Spy Makjang behind the scenes made me not finish this drama–the writing also slid with it.
New Tales of Gisaeng Allergy struck about 10 minutes in.
Nice to Meet You I didn’t meet this drama.
Ojakgyo BrothersNo.
Padam Padam Allergic.
Paradise Ranch WTH… even pretty horse shots couldn’t save this thing.
Perfect Spy No.
Poseidon No.
Princess Hwapyung’s Weight Loss Funny, but she should have gone with the *other* guy. The guy she ended up with sucked.
Princess’s Man Random blindness like Winter Sonata makes me puke.
Protect The Boss Fell apart near the end.
Queen Insoo Wanna watch, but all the subbers are over on A tree with Deep Roots.
Real School! Not real enough for me to watch.
Romance Town Love Yuri, hated the writing.
Royal Family Makjang and bad portrayal of adoptees. Can’t pay me to watch.
Scent of a Woman Good first episode. Then no.
Sign Pretty good summary of why I hate vocational K-dramas. They don’t focus on, ya know, the vocation and why one loves it and putting your heart into it. Instead it’s about the politics, the back stabbing and not say… uhhhh respecting the dead. Ya know that’s called THE MAIN PLOT. But I digress.
Sparkling/Shining Blinded me so I couldn’t watch it.
Special Crime Squad MSS No.
Special Affairs Team TEN No.
Sweet Palpitations No.
The Duo Tried watching this about 6 times over and still couldn’t get through it.
The EmpressNo.
The Greatest Love/Best love Severe Bubble world, which threw some people off, but I liked it for the same exact reason, but perhaps one needs that for Hong Sister dramas. Best drama of the year.
The Great Gift Not gifted enough for me to watch.
The Musical Blech. Short on the writing.
The Peak No.
The Servant No.
The Women of Our Home No.
Thorn Birds Makjang about adoptees, severe hives and I think I’d go into respitory failure watching it.
TV Novel – Bok HeeDidn’t see it.
Vampire Idol Allergy to vampires.
Vampire Prosecutor Allergy to vampires.
War of the Roses (SBS) No.
Warrior Baek Dong Soo Same with the others this year.
Welcome to the Show that I didn’t watch.
What’s Up? Well, show, I tried your first 10 minutes until you turned makjang when what I really wanted was a even keeled show that had great music to it.
When Women Powder Twice I run away.
While You Were Sleeping I killed this drama in my sleep and didn’t bother.
White Christmas Hell no.
You’re So Pretty Not enough for me to watch.
You’ve Fallen for Me @ Heartstrings Allergy.