People ask this question a lot… how do you convert someone to your religion of K-dramas? Here is a list that’s easy to watch, in such that one doesn’t have to explain Korean culture too much because there are explanations within the drama itself.

1. Sweet 18.
It’s an older drama that doesn’t demand too much thinking, but it really is a good starter drama. It introduces a lot of Korean society and thinking very well.

2. Goong
Doesn’t involve a lot of thinking, but gorgeous sets and though it has makjang, it still introduces to Yoon Eun Hye well and why people fell for her.

3. Jumong and Seodongyo for Three Kingdoms era. The previous two dramas establish what the fork in the road was like, so it’s time to travel back in history.

4. Dong Yi and Dae Jang Geum are the best of Joseon Era. They will teach all the ins and outs of the Joseon era without much effort on your part to explain the significance of things (Like you would with something like Tree with Deep Roots)

5. Shoot forward in time. You need Ajumma dramas. My Name is Kim Samsoon and Dalja’s Spring. (for Nuna category) though I liked Baby-faced Beauty a lot, it’s better after watching the first two before that one so you can appreciate the differences. Also, 9 End 2 Outs for a non-Nuna romance.

6. Makjang (or where my allergy flares up) If you need absolute Makjang and want to get into it. Winter Sonata and I’m Sorry I Love You should be on the list. Though Alone in Love is better overall, it makes the viewer think too much. Also there is a very good reason.

7. Full House… which is mediocre at best (I know I’ll get slammed for this. But seriously, the girl is how many months pregnant and *still* not showing? Can’t afford a basketball?)

8. But if you watch both melos and Full House you can watch My Sassy Girl Chun Hyang and get all the jokes. Which will be a good start to doing a marathon of all Hong Sisters dramas ever. Finish all the Hong Sister dramas because often they were the start of many trend in Korea.

9. I’d also throw in maybe I Need Romance 1 and 2. Or Hyena (which is 18+) Unconventional and adult, but shows that Korea knows what sex is.

10. Now you can throw anything you want at them because they are hooked for life.