I quit as soon as it got to “Sister or girlfriend” scenario. In which the drama said he could choose only one or the other and I was screaming at him (the neighbors must think I’m nuts).

Look, your younger sister is sick and your girlfriend KILLED someone. One of them is ALIVE, but could die, the other one is dead. Which do you choose?

OK, he chooses the girlfriend. Is he dense? Family first, this is Korea, right? Then, I thought he’d have some sense–ya know he pulls out his expensive and new cell phone. Is he going to call a friend to maybe help his sister? Maybe call hospital staff FROM HIS HOSPITAL? No. Is he going to call 119 (Korea’s Emergency number)? No. He puts the cellphone in his sister’s hand instead. He does not tell her to call his hospital, call for an ambulance, (and he’s a doctor, so his house isn’t that bad) nor anything. His sister has a high fever.

Could he text his girlfriend, “I’ll be there in twenty minutes.” and feed the girl an aspirin from his fricking cabinet? Yes. Does he? No. If he’s out, he could go to the convenience store, which would be five minutes.

He tells his sick and barely breathing sister to “count to 500″ Dude. You be that stupid?

I know the reputation that guys can’t multi-task but he’s a soon-to-be doctor. He’s supposed to have training to be calm in tough situations. I just can’t buy this dilemma at all. Let’s call it for what it is, stupid. There are more than two options in that situation and you want me to believe that an ambulance from your hospital or someone nearby can’t take your sister. On what grounds? Are you really friends with absolutely no one in all the years of being a medical student and growing up in the Korean school system?

So I skipped forward to Kwang Soo’s bits and I loved those. Nice breath of fresh air, even if the Running Man crew make fun of him for having so few lines.

Writing is fail. TT I hate plot holes. Acting is good, so that makes my heart ache. Melos usually aren’t my thing, but still. At least think through your plot forks.